Karma Yoga Recordings for MVP 300YTT

Please find my Karma Yoga recordings from July 2021 to October 2021 below (eldest on bottom, most recent on top) 

Hip opening, strengthening and mobilising Yoga Sequence with and/or without chair (approx. 65min.)

Grounding Yin Yoga Sequence (approx. 80min.)

Adaptive Chair Yoga sequence in Hatha style incl. Warrior Vinyasa and a little Yin (approx. 75min.)

A little Hatha, a little Vinyasa, and some Pranayama to balance Ha and Tha (Sun and Moon) (approx. 65min.)

Gentle grounding, heart- and hip opening Hatha Yoga sequence (approx. 80min.)

Short Hatha Yoga sequence to activate and mobilise the whole body (approx. 55min.)

Yin Yoga sequence themed on Brahmacharya (moderation) and Ahimsa (non violence), healing hips and shoulders (approx. 70min.)

Tune up your vagus nerve and activate your self healing powers with this regenerating, rejuvenating Restorative Yoga class. Child, Fish, Shoulder Stand (legs-up-the-wall), Savasana in restorative adaptations, held for about 15min. each
(approx. 70min.)

Ignite or re-kindle you Agni – your inner fire – with this energising Hatha Yoga practice, sprinkled with a little Vinyasa and stretching (approx. 70min.)

A gentle Yin Yoga sequence without Savasana (approx. 40min.)

Balance yourself and and build core strength with this energising Hatha Yoga practice, sprinkled with a little Vinyasa and stretching (approx. 70min.)

A short, Hatha Yoga based, stretching practice (approx. 30min.)

An almost Yin-like Yoga sequence with gentle mobilising and stretching Vinyasa (Flows) (approx. 75min.)

A gentle (yet activating) Vinyasa sequence to get your fascia lubricated (approx. 75min.)

A Hatha Yoga sequence to free energy lines (Nadis), releasing stuck energy throughout the body,  to stimulate digestion and mobilise and lubricate the spine with gentle spinal twists and gentle hip openers (approx. 80min.)

Balancing Manipura Chakra and kindling Agni with core strengthening, as well as aiming for sattva with balancing and grounding  (approx. 70min.)

Balancing the 7 Chakras using Asana and Bija Mantras (approx. 75min.)

Short, cooling, Yoga practice for hot days (approx. 40min.) – Have fun and cool down!

Short Yoga practice for balance, (hip) mobility and grounding (approx. 40min.) 

Mundwinkel hoch!

„Die Mundwinkel Richtung Ohren ziehen!“ ist eine meiner meistverwendeten Anleitungen – mit gutem Grund: Fröhlich trainiert es sich einfach leichter 🙂


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